Pobody's Nerfect. This Mess Is A Place



Like I’ve never gotten a sunburn in my life.


how about now

Anthropomorphic Tree

Anthropomorphism which is the recognition of human-like characteristics or form in animals, plants or non-living things. This tree, which can be found in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, has roots which have taken a human-like form.





I needed a new toilet seat so I went on ebay and searched for “toilet seat unicorn”


I’m so going to buy it.

I bet yall didn’t believe me


I’m ordering pizza from now on

I’m ordering pizza from now on


With all due respect, to Ms.Minaj, this is all that was running through my mind after hearing her new song “Anaconda”

I realize many singers/rap artists sample older songs, and this has nothing to do with Niki Minaj herself.  Her song is just the most recent example, and that is why I chose it.

Sorry for the long explanation, I just don’t want anyone to be offended by this.


i’ve been drinking, i’ve been drinking


i’ve been drinking, i’ve been drinking








The Cinnamon Apple guy just went from a sympathetic figure to the villain 

fuck nigga antics

salty fuck boy antics.

Best believe if someone threatened me like this I’d have the police and all my male family members there PRONTO. He cray.

oh no


Just a tip that any threats of spreading privately shared nude photos is very illegal, and very common. Do not hesitate legal action when this happens, despite how taboo the topic and if you might be embarrassed. Authorities and lawyers/attorneys are very used to this,unfortunately. One of my friends was held hostage in an abusive relationship and her captor (“boyfriend”) said if she escaped (her clothes were burned and she was locked in a bedroom naked with 1 window, where she eventually HAD to run outdoors naked for help) he would distribute and post all her photos online, print and tape to her parents/church door, etc. all because she wanted to break up with his crazy ass.. Once he was charged for the other stuff, I think him threatening to distribute the photos was an extra sexual assault charge, extortion, defamation of character, etc. This is my inner lawyer going on a long winded semi rant that most people won’t need… but my main point is if you are in this situation, do not have any shame in defending yourself/character/etc.